Welcome to by Travel Ten. Dear guest, we here at Travel Ten protect our clients' personal data. Please take a minute to read the data protection privacy notice on our website


Celebrated between Travel Ten S.A. de C.V. hereinafter referred to as "TT" and the information holder, notice is hereby given to establish the information management and purposes by TT, according to the provisions of Federal Act on Data Protection articles 15 and 16 (The 'Law').

Responsible for the protection of your Personal Data

TT, with address Avenida Xcaret Manzana 02 Lote 2, 3B 02 S.M. 36 - Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico C.P. 77507, henceforth TT is responsible for the management of your personal dataaccording to this privacy notice. Moreover, it is also safeguarded according to administrative, technical and physical security, established by law, to protect it against possible damage, loss, alteration or non-authorized access.


Personal data recorded by TT, will be used for the following purposes:

- Rendering accommodation services
- Rendering restaurant services
- Rendering banquet services
- Rendering services
- Rendering event planning services
- Rendering tourist and commercial services
- Vacation Club Membership
- Inform about new services, products or events related to past services, including advertising and news bulletin deliver
- Fulfill obligations related to the aforementioned services
- Evaluate quality and service
- Internal analysis of services
- Mainly to fulfill our obligations with you The individual will be able to exercise the access, rectification, cancellation or opposition rights in regards of his/her own personal data, according to article 28 of the law, or revoke the agreement that has been granted to us with that particular purpose. Therefore, it is necessary for the user to send information on terms of Article 29 to Paola Larrondo cervantes, head of our Personal Data Protection Department, contact phone number +529841576521 or email to, that must be later confirmed by phone to guarantee the pertinent reception. Moreover, the data can be transferred to national or international similar interest entities to fulfill the purpose of giving your personal information. Your information will be shared with all Sandos Group companies, also deployed in our website. If we do not receive your express opposition on using your personal data on the aforementioned terms and ways, it is understood that you have tacitly agreed. If you do not want to receive our promotional messages, please send us a request to the aforementioned email.


TT will gather and manage sensible data. Sensible personal information is related to disabilities, medical requests or any other factor that will lead to a better service rendering. TT is committed to manage personal data with strict security and confidentiality.


For advertising or marketing purposes, TT can transfer your personal data to subcontracted-third parties.


To limit the use of personal data, please send us an email to addressed to Personal Data Department expressing your request.


To access TT personal data base, and verify and rectify if it is inaccurate or incomplete, to cancel or refute purposes, send your request to our Personal Data Department at with the following information. - Holder's Name.
- Holder's address or email (to send reply).
- ID Certified documents in accordance to your request.
- Description of personal data in which it is intended to exercise ARCO rights.
- Any other element that allows personal data location and request attention.


At any moment you can revoke your consent granted to TT to manage your personal information by sending an email to our Personal Data Department at clearly expressing your reasons to revoke your consent.


Some of the managed data can include personal data of minors or people under legal interdiction and incapacity. To manage the aforementioned data, parents and tutors consent is necessary.


TT recognizes the value of your personal information, therefore we have implemented security measures that avoid the use of the information for purposes other than the authorized, as well as alteration, loss, theft or third parties access. Considerable measures include the use of specialized electronic programs, staff training and internal policies adoption for data protection. If you reject any form of use of your information according to this privacy notice, please send an email to Personal Data Department at


Moreover and according to articles 10, 37 and others related to the Law, TT, will be free of any related obligation to data management and transfer when: I. Data is foreseen in a Law article
II. Data appears in public access sources
III. Personal data is submitted to previous process of dissociation
IV. Data has the purpose of fulfilling obligations derived from a legal relationship between holder and responsible party
V. An emergency situation that potentially could harm the individual's health or belongings is presented
VI. Data is essential for medical attention, prevention, diagnosis, health assistance, medical treatments or sanitary services, under Health General Law and other applicable legal scope, and when such data management is made by someone under professional discretion or similar obligation, or
VII. A resolution is enacted by competent authority
VIII. Transfer is performed for rights recognition, exercise or defense during a legal process
IX. Transfer is performed for a legal relation management or recognition between holder and responsible party

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The privacy notice herein will be modify without further notice to fulfill legal standards, precedents, domestic policies, and new requirements for service rendering in Hotels & Resorts or any other cause. These modifications will be available at